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There are many other voices speaking — loudly:

“Prove you’re worth something.”

“Prove you have any contribution to make.”

“Do something relevant.”

These are the voices Jesus heard right after he heard, “You are my beloved.”

Another voice said, “Prove you are the beloved.

Do something.

Change these stones into bread.

Be sure you’re famous.

Jump from the temple, and you will be known.

Grab some power so you have real influence.”

Jesus said, “No, I don’t have to prove anything. I am already the beloved.”

(Quoted from Henri Nouwen, Leadership Magazine, Spring 1995.)

The gospel tells us that we have been credited with Jesus’ obedience and righteousness. We, too, can answer the voices in the same way…

“I have nothing to prove. I am already significant. I”m already famous in heaven. I am known. I am already the beloved.”


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  1. The beautiful life we strive to achieve…

    Thank you, Sam

    God Bless

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