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If you want community without depth or commitment, go to Facebook.

If you want community with depth and commitment, go to church.



  1. Well… Facebook is just another method of communication. Churches and Church members even use Facebook to stay connected to what is going on in each others lives and events at the Church.

    The commitment is the same between friends whether they communicate on the phone, email, Facebook, letters or in person.

  2. Good one Sam. I don’t know of a better way to interact with people on a personal level than to do life with them in (and out) of the church. It’s one thing just to chat, but the depth and commitment really comes into play when you get real with people on a personal level. And it’s a rewarding experience for all parties involved when you use the gifts Jesus has given you to help others. When Christians reach out to others in need the scripture is fulfilled that reads; “Bear you one another’s burdens”.

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