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Dr. Jim Dennison writes a daily email entitled, God Issues. Having recently returned from Cuba, this one caught my eye:


I bring you greetings from Cuba, where the Fifth Great Awakening is in full force. I spent last week in the island nation, preaching at First Baptist Church in Camaguey on Sunday and teaching systematic theology to pastors in a seminary during the week. It was my seventh trip to Cuba, and in many ways my most amazing experience there.

Baptist churches in Cuba have grown 15-fold in the last ten years. During that span, as many as a million new believers have joined the Christian movement in this Communist country. On the Saturday before I was privileged to preach in their church, 294 members of First Baptist Church went door-to-door in their city, sharing the gospel in 1,030 homes with more than 5,000 people.

Sunday was designated their “Harvest Day.” While intercessors prayed the entire morning and afternoon in the pastor’s study, I was honored to preach the first service; Dr. Greg Cuellar, my fellow professor in their seminary, preached the second. More than 2,000 people crowded into these services; many more stood outside for three hours in the hot sun, listening through the church’s open windows.

We saw 330 people make public professions of faith in a sanctuary which is located four feet from the Communist headquarters of Camaguey. These new believers are now being enlisted in one of the 150 cell groups the church sponsors across their city, and will soon be ready for baptism. Many will eventually join the 355 believers who are engaged in their church’s ministry training program, a four-year commitment which will produce still more cell group leaders and missionaries for the house churches sponsored by their congregation across the nation.

First Baptist Church in Camaguey in particular, and Cuban Christianity in general, prove that first century faith still works. In his last words to his church, Jesus told us that we would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon us. We would then be his witnesses in our homes, our area, and the world (Acts 1:8). Cuban Christians believe that God keeps his word. They make prayer and spiritual renewal the foundation of all they do.

At First Baptist, for instance, more than 900 people gather every Tuesday from 8 to 10 PM to pray for each other, their nation and the world. A team prays each morning in the church building at 7 AM, joined at 8 AM by every staff member of the congregation. Another team prays around the clock and every Sunday morning for their pastor. And God moves.


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  1. Praise the Name of the Lord! His name is wonderful and powerful.His name is Jesus!

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