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Have you heard about this? A court in New Hampshire has denied a mother’s right to homeschool her child. The judge said that the child “appeared to reflect her mother’s rigidity on questions of faith” and ordered the child to attend public school for the 2009-2010 schoolyear.

For the full story, read here, here, and here. Last week, Albert Mohler devoted an entire episode of his radio program to this issue.

This ruling is unbelievable. If a court can interfere with the wishes of a child’s parent and legal guardian, what is next?


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  1. The Washington Post articles states: “The court found Amanda to be “generally likable and well liked, social and interactive with her peers, academically promising, and intellectually at or superior to grade level.” Nonetheless, reasoned the court, “it would be remarkable if a ten-year-old child who spends her school time with her mother and the vast majority of her other time with her mother would seriously consider adopting any other religious point of view.”

    This is not a case where the student is living under a rock. Instead it seems that she has plenty of intellectual capacity to function in society and make decisions based on biblical principles which she probably understands. Keeping in mind that much more intellectual people have read the bible and believe it makes me wonder why the judge is so upset with her convictions.

    Looking at it from another angle, the schools will have to teach the bible to prevent the opposite from happening: Since the majority of schools do not adequately educate students about the bible, we should expect rulings to force schools to teach bible courses to all students. We can conclude that the judge is obviously a quack.

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