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Having a personal blog gives me the opportunity to say to the thousands who read this – I love my wife!


I love my wife – my four incredible children – their wonderful spouses – and five beautiful grandchildren. Here are the two granddaughters.





  1. Those are all awesome pictures. I LOVE the one of you and mom, I would like a big copy of that. the one of the girls is priceless, Elosie ADORES Sadie, I wish we lived closer. It is so funny looking at this picture, it is like seeing Corrie and Sarah standing next to each other. On a side note, look how bad the circulation is in Elosie’s feet, poor baby.

  2. LOVE this post, Sam. That is a GREAT picture of you and Ruthe and Eloise and Sadie are too adorable for words! Nothing on earth any sweeter than grandchildren!

  3. WOW! Love the pics and can’t wait to see you guys SOON! Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do.

  4. I’m a stranger, and found this website randomly while looking for an Eloise costume for my daugther for Halloween. A picture of your granddaughter, Eloise, as a newborn all hooked up to the machines and monitors came up. It reminded me of my son, Aidan, born this past March. He had a rare congenital heart defect as well. I read about Eloise and I just wanted you to know it I’ll pray for her everyday. Unfortunately my own son passed away at 2 days old, but it does give me a sort of comfort to read about children like Eloise who are able to have a chance at life. God Bless you for all the love and support you obviously give that precious child and your entire family. I wish you all the best.

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