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Few experiences have encouraged and thrilled me more than a week in Cuba. Here are my notes and a few photos.

No problem getting in. Flew from Dallas to Cancun, obtained a tourist visa, and flew Mexican Air to Havana. Arrived at 1:00AM. Luggage was checked in immigration and customs. I was asked about my Bible, notes, profession as a pastor, and admitted to Cuba without a problem.


Our team was able to go door-to-door in Havana and share the gospel, without hindrance. While only the Lord knows how many were converted, many prayed to receive Christ.


Some of our team participated in several house churches. The house church movement in Cuba is huge.



Three of us – Bob McCustion and his wife Sheila – traveled 6 hours from Havana to the central part of the country. We were able to preach, teach, counsel, and worship with over 1000 university students – the future leaders of the church in Cuba.





I found the Cuban young people to be smart, Jesus-loving, fun-loving, warm, bold, worship-loving, Biblically-knowledgeable- great people! We saw over 40 pray to receive Christ, and hundreds commit themselves to ministry.

Christians pay a price for their faith. Economic, social, and political pressures are real and serious. Yet, the church in Cuba is growing. Seminaries are full and growing. Churches are being planted.

Our team fell in love with Cuba. God willing, we’ll return!


A few other random observations.

Cuba is filled with old cars, beautiful coasts and beaches, and “The Party.”






  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for your notes here. Evidently you didn’t have any difficulties preaching in Cuba. We’re told there’s no religious freedom on the island, but that’s not the impression I get from your report. I’m sharing it with the 1400 subscribers to the CubaNews which I direct.

    Would be curious to know if you went to Cuba with a specific license issued by OFAC, or on the basis of a general license as journalists, researchers and others who aren’t Cuban-America often do.

    Would be interested to read other reports you may have made before of your activities in Cuba.



    Walter Lippmann

  2. From what I observe in you, my precious pastor, a passion for missions (Cuban or otherwise) consumes a lot more than “half” your heart. Praise God! That’s a GOOD thing! I’m so grateful God is giving you mission opportunities where you can utilize the gifts He’s given you (and your knowledge of Spanish) while shepherding His flock at Hope at the same time.

  3. Thats fantastic. Thanks for sharing that Pastor Sam.

  4. Love it.

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