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My friend, Ray Van Neste, recently quoted John Newton (author of Amazing Grace and friend of Wesley, Whitefield and Wilberforce).

Through mercy, we and our family are in tolerable health, and peace. I never was better. I preached four times this week, since Sunday, and seem as stout and strong for tomorrow, as if I had not preached at all. Notwithstanding all this, I am near 70 years of age. I am going, going, just a-going.

The wheels of time, the carriage which is bearing me to my journey’s end, how swiftly they roll… It is yet day with us, as to this life, that is, our opportunities of adorning our profession, and being useful in our places are still prolonged. But the word speaks to me that am old, and likewise to you that are young –

Work while it is day for the night cometh. May our Lord find us so doing – so watching, waiting, hoping for his appearance, that his approach may be a joy and not a surprise to us.



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  1. And Amen! Well said, sir.

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