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God never tells us where he is going to lead us. That is sometimes confusing and scary. I would never have followed Jesus this far if he had told me what was going to happen. Maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t tell us.

When going into battle, Marshall Ney would look at his shaking knees and say, “Shake will you? You would shake even more if you knew where I was taking you today.”

But I’m learning that with every change, every turn in the road and every shaking of the foundations, he is sufficient, he was there first and it’s okay.

One other thing I’m learning is that change is God’s methodology for growth, hope, blessing and ultimate victory.

When Jesus prepared to do a “new thing” and create a “new people,” he talked about the danger of putting new wine into old wineskins (Mark 2:22). And the Bible is replete with “happy endings”…a new name, a new body, a new song. You can’t get there from here without some significant change.
Steve Brown


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