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Of course, I taught him everything he knows. Right!



  1. Forty seconds in, Joey references Gallup’s work: “There’s basically four strengths of a leader: Executing…”

    I love it. Good leaders are pro capital punishment. There’s hope for me yet. That ought to wake some people up.

  2. Where is he a pastor?

  3. thanks dad for the plug. actually, you DID teach me everything I know!

  4. People are still talking about it at work. Crazy! Is he really my brother??

  5. Joey, One of your four points of good leadership is the ability to simplify complex ideas or things. This is truly where art meets science. The more a specialist learns his field, the harder it is to explain it because he gets further from what ordinary people generally know or believe. A leader must be able to easily understand the complex idea or object, and explain it to a specific audience, tailored specically to their level of knowledge so that it is communicated in an optimum amount of time, not less or more than required to convey the message. This audience may have a misconceived notion that must be corrected before understanding or explanation can be attempted. Or they have a pretty good idea and need a little clarification before grasping the topic. Excessive clarification can be confusing.
    Finally the audience may have no idea on the topic and must be brought through the whole topic from beginning to end. This may be more generalized as “good communication skills”, but that is an oversimplification.
    Your analysis on leadership illustrates the depth of the topic. Generally, I would say that leaders are always one or two steps away from disaster. Just when they think they are on top of the world, they learn that someone is bigger, “bad’der”, jealous, and looking for followers. Unless the leader keeps his focus on God, he will certainly stray off course (presuming he was on the right path.) Keep your focus on God and He will provide you with all of the talents and resources that He will need from you for His people.

    By the way, Pastor Sam may be able to take credit for teaching you everything you know, but only you can take credit for learning everything you know.

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