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Pastor Fred Winters, the Illinois preacher gunned down during worship services last Sunday, was remembered in services today in the same worship center where he was killed.

Church Shooting

His wife, Cindy Winters told those in attendance they should reject hatred toward the man who killed her husband, and find comfort in their faith in Christ.

The memorial service was carried live over the internet via the church website and will be posted on the internet later so that others may watch it.

Cindy Winters encouraged mourners by saying “I refuse to let Satan win. I’m not going to hate. And I’m not going to survive this thing. I’m going to be a better person because of this thing.”

She also told the audience that one of her young daughters told her “I hope the man who did this learns to love Jesus.”

Pastor Winters who was just 45 years old was shot and killed while in the pulpit last Sunday morning. Witnesses say 27 year old Terry Sedlacek walked down the aisle of the church with a gun. He exchanged words with Winters and then began firing. The first bullet hit Winters’ Bible.

Winters casket sat in the church just a few feet from where he was killed. Cindy Winters told the congregation “On Sunday my husband didn’t die. He simply got a promotion.” At this moment the theme song from the tv show “The Jefferson’s” played over the sound system. As those in the congregation heard the tune and words “Movin’ on Up”, most seemed to stand to their feet.


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