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Johnny Cash was a Christian – loved Jesus unapologetically, hung out with raw pagans, sang honestly of the dark side of life, knew the pain of failure, loved his family, read his Bible, prayed with rock stars, identified with the poor and down-trodden, and loved the Caribbean!

Catch the message of “Hurt.”



  1. Thanks Sam I needed to hear that today. What a great american singer who learned the cost of the Cross and lived it everyday. A sinner saved by Grace just like me!

    God Bless you

  2. pastor sam, interestingly enough, that song was not a johnny cash original, but instead was a remake of a song by trent reznor of the band “nine inch nails”, which is anything but Christian. trent was raised in a devout Christian home, but lost his faith when he was left at the altar by his fiance’. this song was about his heroin addiction, hence the “needle tears a hole” reference. you can also see his version on youtube, beware though. it does contain some language. aei pistos!

  3. Well, I liked it. Holy moly!

    Even if that 9 inch Nails thing is true, Johnny Cash seems to be saying, “I’m a sinner. I’m not worth worshipping! Sin had ruined the beautiful things of this world, and only hope in Jesus can redeem any of this vanity.”

  4. please, don’t get me wrong. i was not commenting on the post, but on the fact that if God can speak through the mouth of a donkey, He can take a song written by a self-proclaimed God-hater and use it for His glory through one of His saints who showed himself faithful. hopefully the same can be said for us. maybe we as Christ-followers should spend less time pointing fingers and gasping at the depravity of lost people (hello, they’re LOST) and start being faithful ourselves to what God has called US to, and He will use us!

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