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At Catalyst, Craig Groeschel encouraged us to think differently in five ways:

1. About our culture. The problems in our culture are, in reality, leadership problems. For example, if we say, “our people aren’t generous,” it may well be that we do not lead them into generosity by becoming more generous.

2. About programming. We sometimes think we need to do more in order to accomplish more. The reality is, we can reach more by doing less. What is the one thing we are passionate about? What are the very few things we will do – without the distractions of a dozen poorly-executed programs?

3. About the mission. Do we really believe in what God has called us to do? Do we really believe in eternal hell for those who without Christ, and fullness of joy for those in Christ? Often, the reason we hesitate to change in order to reach people is, “we might hurt someone’s feelings.” Which is more important – the mission, or someone’s feelings. (Of course, this does not mean we ride roughshod over people, or act in ways that are harsh, uncaring and cold. It simply means we value the mission more than the discomfort caused by certain decisions we may have to make.)

4. About people leaving the church. We tend to think, “we can’t let anyone leave.” The reality is – we can grow when people leave. The challenge is to create a culture that allows people to leave with grace, with the blessing of the leadership. The church of Jesus Christ is not to be a needy, insecure body.

5. About limitations. Limitations are the breeding ground of creativity and productivity. If the mission is important enough, we will find a way.


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  1. I only agree to a point about number 3. It is clear to me we should focus in the mission of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. But when it comes to a specific Church’s mission, I have experienced that sometimes the lead pastor is so focus on his vision/mission that anything else becomes a hindrance on his view. Thus limiting the initiative and creative of the whole body to enhance, expand, and enrich that vision.
    I completely agree with point 4. This is one of the most disturbing failures of our churches. So many believers are so deeply hurt when they don’t leave with grace.
    Thanks for sharing,

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