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Life is full of surprises – some painful, some delightful.

Wednesday night, at Red Lobster in Atlanta, we had an interesting surprise.

Our team, along with Craig and Faye Schmidle (from GBC, now in Atlanta) had just enjoyed a great meal and great conversation. Just before paying the bill, an older gentleman at the table behind us, turned and made a comment, “Isn’t life a riot?” His accent was British, and his eye had a twinkle. He told us he was a businessman, had made and lost several million dollars, and was in Atlanta on business. He also mentioned he had been married three times – he had buried two of the three.

Freddy Johnson asked him a question about what would happen when he died. The older gentleman appeared a little exasperated and said, “Oh, don’t be silly. Are you asking me where I’ll go when I die? Surely you can do better than that!”

None of us knew what to make of that. He smiled, and said, “Let me tell you my story.”

He was Jewish, but once attended an Episcopalian in Louisiana. He dropped by the church office to give a little money. The rector (an ex-marine, Vietnam vet) told him he had been expecting him and then commanded him to “sit your a___ in that chair. I’m going to tell you the gospel.” Being an ex-British army officer, he said, “yes, sir.”

The result – an hour later, he was radically saved. “I’ve never been the same,” he told us.

The old gentleman entertained us with story after story. We laughed, embraced, and exchanged information. We left the restaurant with “shalom aleikum,” “cheerio, old chap” and “chao,” ringing in our ears.

The old guy was a piece of work – just what I want to be when I grow up!



  1. Just goes to show you there is hope for Brits!

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