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James Choung is very bright, likeable and committed young Christian leader. He has suggested a new outline for sharing the gospel;

1. We were designed for good

2. We are damaged by evil

3. We are restored for better

4. We are sent together to heal

I like this – It is easy to remember. The four statements capture the Biblical doctrines of Creation, the Fall, Redemption, Restoration. They also capture the mission we have as believers – to be agents of reconciliation It also clarifies that we serve Christ in community.

I don’t like this – it is not explicit about the Cross and Resurrection. And, it is too man-centered. As a result, it distorts the gospel – We are created for good – but more accurately, we were created for God. The fall did damage us – but we are not victims of the Fall – we committed cosmic treason against a loving Creator.


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