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“He can save us.”

“Anything is possible.”

“A major step for humanity.”

High School censures inappropriate remarks about Obama.”

We’ve always looked for a deliverer, a savior, a Messiah. In spite of being disappointed hundreds of times throughout history, and despite the fact that a Savior has come, and in spite of the millions who would gladly stand and testify of the power and reality of the Savior’s deliverance – we keep looking.

I’m praying for President-elect Obama. He is the symbol of so much hope for so many people.

I’m praying that his administration will make it possible for all to live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men.



  1. I have a lot of hope for president Obama. I have a lot of hope for this new administration and what it can accomplish. I’m excited about the changes that will come. As a politically liberal Christian, I think Obama can be awesome, and I hope he leads in a godly way. I will pray for him, too.

    Still, I think as you do that we often put too much hope in a man. We should not forget that Barack Obama, just like any president, is no different than you or I except in title. He, too, was born in sin. He, too, has to live in repentance of sin and faith in Christ.

    I get a little nervous when I see a title like “He can save us” about any man other than Jesus Christ. Because, he can’t. He may be good enough to resurrect the economy or stop the wars or get affordable healthcare to millions of people, but even if all of that happens by him, America is still largely unsaved. My greatest hope for Obama is that he will live a godly life of example, so that this nation may see their need and find Jesus.

  2. I wish every young person would take the time to read our nation’s founding documents.

    The Delaration of Independence states : We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    That’s right: the pursuit of Happiness! Not the guarantee of Happiness! However Obama and the left believes we owe happiness to our citizens and the way to do it is by the redistribution of wealth.

    A nation gets the leaders it deserves. The election of Barak Obama is a reflection of our touchy feely, self-absorbed, shallow populace.

    I also with every young person would ask themselves why Obama spent 20 years listening to Jeremiah Wright.

  3. Dont let the Declaration of Independence, logic or facts get in the way of the feeding frenzy. BTW, you are intolerant.

  4. As usual, the worldly versions of powerful men pale in comparison to the biblical examples. For us to put Obama on a pedestal shared by no less than 43 predecessors, and expect him to fix our financial (ie material) problems in 4-8 years, is tantamount to setting him up for failure. Like you and many others, I am praying for him, and considering his cabinet and Congress, he will need plenty of prayer and Divine wisdom.

    It alarms me that we may be praying for him to deliver us from financial turmoil. Have we just found a new way to make the selfish prayer? Probably, because that is how we have learned to pray. Meanwhile, can our economic situation today be any more obvious to a church going individual: that we are paralelling the situation Joseph faced in the book of Genesis? And even if we aren’t (and some of us aren’t), can it be any more obvious that we need to at least prepare for that type of situation – 7 good years, followed by 7 bad years? What’s worse is that I think we just had the 7 good years. I am not a literalist, but if God needed 7 years back then for people to change (in this case, Joseph’s family may have been the sole reason for the famine??), and it took 7 years during the Great Depression (roughly speaking, from the crash of 1929 until about 1936, or thereabouts, I really don’t know), do we really expect the magnitude of todays economic calamity to dissipate quickly, based on the results of a popular election and inauguration day?

    For those that expect Obama to make a big difference right away, well, at the very least, heed his warnings: “It will get worse before it gets better.” “It may take months or years before the economy improves.” Hasn’t he said that? I don’t know if he is being told this or has figured it out for himself, but if that is the best he has to offer, I wouldn’t be expecting things to improve dramatically overnight.

    And unlike the real Joseph (not Biden!), Obama speaks without having proven himself. For those that have put their faith in his ability, they are taking the biggest leap of faith. I am not saying this is incorrect. Given the choice among some of the candidates, he was probably a better choice than, shall we say, Hillary. If we come out of this in one piece, I could see Hillary taking the credit, whereas Obama may be willing to acknowledge that he didn’t get us in the mess, and he didn’t get us out of it. I could perhaps see Obama acknowledging God’s hand at work. And as he gets deeper into the situation, he may more openly acknowledge God, that remains to be seen. If Huckabee had been elected, he would have been aligned with God from the start. Where he would have given God the credit from start to finish, people would have said “You are only saying that because you were a pastor.” But for Obama to go through this, knowing that he has already admitted that he doesn’t know exactly how to solve the problem, and certainly won’t be able to point to anything he did (because there is nothing one person can do to fix this), there is a chance that he will acknowledge God’s direct intervention.

    And perhaps, that is what we are all hoping and praying for. To witness first hand, in the spotlight, nothing less than a complete conversion of todays typical Christian: Blackberry carrying, church attending (for 20 years) self professed Christian that doesn’t know what the pastor really preached. Less than a year ago that Obama revelation came to light. The prayer we need to make is for God to finish converting the Christians he already has, open our ears and hearts, and acknowledge His authority, and the rest of our problems can be handled without requiring acts of Congress.

  5. You can bash Obama for his twenty years under a moron, going to church without paying attention.

    I can bash that old, forgotten Republican candidate John McCain for not even having a perception of God.

    And I can bash the Ex-president-to-be, George W. Bush, for thinking that America is Jesus, for claiming to be Christian and never really delivering, and for being a confusingly terrible leader.

    If I felt like taking the time, I could bash George Sr. and Reagan and the rest.

    In other words, get persepective.

  6. In the mind of a liberal to ask a tough, honest question is bashing. So instead of answering the question honestly, 4 Republicans are really bashed.

    How do you know Obama didn’t pay attention to Dr Wright? Can you know that?

  7. Seriously Adam……he didnt pay attention for 20 years? This man was his mentor, and he didnt know his views? How could you possibly believe that? His mentor is a racist, hateful man. Not to mention the heresies associated with alot of Universalist Churches. How can he lead in a Godly way when his theology is so far from the truth?

    What would you have said if they elected McCain and he went to David Dukes church for 20 years? Would you give him the same pass?

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