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Yesterday, I met with the leadership of Mission Mississippi (Dolphus Weary and Neddie Winters). We talked about the presidential election and the need for Christians to be Christians first then Democrats or Republicans.

I will be challenging our church to…

1. Pray for the new president – be he Obama or McCain. The Bible commands us to pray for those in leadership (1 Timothy 2:1-2 – the king at that time was Nero, who was killing Christians). The next president needs our prayers – his responsibilities are overwhelming, the power of the office is head-turning, and the potential for great good or great evil is tremendous.

2. Love Christians who did not vote as we did. We do not have to see eye to eye in order to walk hand in hand.

Love means refusing to accuse or justify if things go bad. It means not judging another’s motives. It means deliberately reaching out to each other in good will and believing the best of each other. It means recognizing the bond we have is deeper than simply being Americans on different sides of the political spectrum.

Yesterday, I learned of a small group of Christians who have met together for 4 years. These are committed Christ-followers whom I respect and love. Now, they divided and losing their small group – simply because of differing political views. What a tragedy!

If you can’t love those Christians who disagree with you as brothers and sisters, then love your enemies!

3. Refuse to identify Christianity with any political party. It is incredibly dangerous and short-sighted. Just look at the confusion in Northern Ireland or Germany or Panama!

Both major parties in the USA have Biblical planks in their platforms. Both have Christians involved in the process. Both are seriously flawed, full of pride and selfish ambition.

Remember -the kingdom of God is bigger than a political party.

I love the way Tony Evans put it – “God does not ride elephants and donkeys!”


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  1. Bro Sam

    I loved your comments on elephants and donkeys.

    I currently work for a Republican. I have seen firsthand the flawed nature of both these parties and without a doubt, they are not the hope of the world.

    If ever there was a time that screamed out for a true savior — it is today.
    May His Kingdom come.


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