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This came today from Bubba Lollar, who serves with his wife, Rocke, and his daughter, Myleea. in Birmingham, England. 

The letter related to an 88 year old woman to whom Bubba and I witnessed and for whom I am praying. 

It gives me great encouragement to see the Spirit opening understanding, giving faith and repentance. Please join me in praying for Dora.


Pastor Sam,

This afternoon, I spent nearly an hour with Dora at her house continuing the conversation from yesterday’s lunch club.  I took one of the Lifeway little blue “Eternal Life” tracs to share with her, to read from, to show examples from.  She asked question after question.  I answered according to the scriptures the best I knew how.  I asked her after about 40 minutes if what I was saying and reading making any sense to her.  She said yes.

I then asked if was there any reason why she could not accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior right then?  She said, ” “I CAN’T!”  I thought I would burst into tears.  I said WHY?  She said she did not want to join our church, she was already a member of a church.  I told her I was not asking her to join our church, only to accept Jesus as her personal savior.  She did say she would think about that.

I asked her if she were to die and was standing before God and He asked, “Dora, why should I let you into My  Heaven?”  what would you tell Him.   She said, “I guess I would tell Him that “I was confirmed to the church at age 21.”   I told her that he would say “Depart from me, I never knew you.”   She said what?   I told her that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ she could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I told her that confirmation to the church was not what he was asking us to do and I found that no where in the scriptures, but I did see where he has told us to go by way of the cross to Jesus.

She still did not commit but surely under conviction.  I left the tract for her to go over with her magnifying glass and all my numbers to call me day or night if she was ready before I see her at church tomorrow.  There are many praying here for her as I know you and Ruthe are.  Tomorrow!   Perhaps tomorrow.



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