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I’m preparing to teach the book of Job in October for an Equipping Class at Hope Church. Although I’ve read the book a number of times, my reading this time is so rich and thought-provoking. 

Job deals with the mystery of unexplained and undeserved suffering. The book is clear – there is NOT a one-to-one correspondence in this life between sin and consequence. The universe is not mechanistic.

Job is about keeping your eyes on God – even though they are full of tears.

This is particularly relevant to some folks I know…

*A young couple with a Downs Syndrome baby, born with holes in the heart and possible leukemia. They wonder, “why?”

*A woman who struggles with lesbian desires and is fighting the good fight. She asks, “why?”

*A family with a son they have not seen in years. They’d give anything to know he is safe. Is he alive? When will they know something? Why?

*A college student who fights the dark night of depression. Nothing seems to help. Why?

*A husband and father who can’t seem to find work that pays enough to support his family. It’s been months, and he’s been diligent to seek employment. Why?

*Several parents with sons in prison. :What did we do wrong?” they wonder. 

*A family dealing with a mentally-ill parent. Why this? Why now?

*A faithful and gifted young pastor friend- fired from his position in a church he has given his life to serve. No breach of trust or infidelity on his part. Why?

The best counsel I know for anyone walking through a dark night of the soul was given to me by my friend, Dr Frank Thomas, pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, in Memphis. He told me, “Sam, when you are at your lowest, go to the deepest thing you know about God and hang on to that.”

God may not answer our questions – in fact, he probably won’t. He does, however, promise that we will never have to walk through anything alone.

Jesus is God’s answer to Job.



  1. Thank you. It’s nice to have a spiritual mentor to learn from. I really needed that.

  2. Pastor Sam-
    I’ve been reading from Ruth Bell Graham Prodigals (and Those Who Love Them.) There are several references to Job 11, 12, 26 and others. When I went to your blog this morning your piece on Why? was there to support and sustain. Thank you for your writings, they are always so relevant.
    Dave Cardot

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