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Erma Bombeck was asked –

Which is harder to raise – a little boy or little girl?

In her inimitable way, Mrs.  Bombeck answered – 

Girls. No question about it. You know what you are up against with boys. They will get into mud puddles, be sloppy, make bodily noises, smell bad. Girls, on the other hand, are sneaky. You walk into a girl’s room – everything is neat, in its place. What gives it away is the look of terror on the face of the dolls. 

As the father of two girls and two boys, I was interested in an article written by a Washington DC attorney – and Christian – who teaches parenting at Capital Hill Baptist Church. He says…


What’s the question that expecting parents most often hear? My vote: “Do you know what you’re having?”

The anticipated answer, of course, is not “a baby” but “a boy” or “a girl.” And the balloons for the girl will be pink, and for the boy they will be blue.

The question we want to ask in part three of this series on the family is, Does the fact that we’re having a boy or a girl make any difference in parenting beyond the color of their balloons? The answer according to Scripture is emphatically, Yes! And pastors should know why so that they can better equip the men and the sons, the women and the daughters, in their congregations.

Biblically, boys and girls are not interchangeable. In one sense, this is not a surprise for most parents. Genetic differences express themselves in striking ways, like the little girl I read about whose mother gave her a train to socialize her as gender neutral. The girl took the train, carefully wrapped it in a blanket, and put it in her stroller to go to sleep. But, in another sense, there are fundamental differences in God’s purposes in making boys and girls, and this may come as a surprise to some parents, even Christian ones.

To read the rest of the article, which I thoroughly enjoyed, see here.


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