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Yesterday, I experienced a very common experience – rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.

Weeping – We received a call about the newborn daughter of a precious couple in our church – diagnosed with severe Downs Syndrome and probably leukemia. Of course, the couple and their families are in shock – stunned, questioning, wondering about the future. Our hearts broke for them and Ruthe and I spent much time praying for them before bedtime.

Rejoicing – Within a few minutes of the first call, I received another call – this time from one of our musicians. He said, “well, I’ve been paying attention to your sermons rather than sleeping, and it’s paying off. i just led my 71 year old father to Christ, and he will be baptized Sunday!”

So much of life for a believer may be best summarized as “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.” 2 Cor 6:10


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  1. I am the mother of a one year old daughter who has Down Syndrome. This couple in your church is going through a tough time. Having “been there” just a year ago, may I make a few quick suggestions? Please be sure to congratulate them on their new baby. The need to see the joy in their child. Wow, Leukemia on top of DS, that’s a tough one. Please Google your city and Down Syndrome to find your local organization. What they need more than anything is to talk to someone in person who has walked their path. In Central Texas where I am, we have a First Responder program where we do just this thing. Go meet with new families and help them absorb the news of their child’s diagnosis and let them know that they are not alone. I am the coordinator and would be glad to assist you with this if I had more information. You can contact me through my website They definitely need prayer, but most importantly, they need to feel love and acceptance of thier new child. Please encourage people to congratulate them, send them flowers and balloons, everything you would do for a typical birth. First and foremost she is “Just a baby”. I know that it is hard to react from the outside, but that is why I am posting this comment. God Bless you and them.

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