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Ryan Hall, age 25, if already the fastest marathoner ever, and a committed Christ-follower. American hopes, pinned on Hall for the marathon, have been high. 

October 8, 2006 – Hall broken the American 20 record by 48 seconds. 

3 months later – Hall was the first American to crack one hour in a half marathon. 

April, 2007 – Hall ran the full 26.2 mile marathon in 2:08:24 – faster than any Olympic gold medal runner in history. 

What does he say about these incredible feats?

It isn’t the records, championships, or medals that make life fulfilling. It’s the life of following Christ. 

Now as I prepare for my first Olympic trials, I feel God calling me to run free, to run free from having to make the team, free from the worries of needing to prove myself, free from the riches of this world, free to run with a heart full of passion and praise for God, free to pour myself out for Him, not for me.

Nov 3, 227 – Hall pumped his fists and pointed to the sky en route to a winning time of 2:09:02, a U. S. Trials record. 

April, 2008 – the pavement scorched with a personal best of 2:06:17, less than 2 minutes off the world record.

Hall competes Sunday, August 24, in the final event of the Olympic Games. It will be the 4th marathon of his career!



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