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I’ve had interesting feedback, on and off-line, to the article about John Edward’s mistress and “calling it what it is.”

Here are some excerpts:

I agree what she did was sin. However, Edwards also sinned. He betrayed his wife when she needed a Godly husband most. He broke his marriage covenant. Let’s keep perspective.

…Edwards and Clinton are alike, both took a step up to the spot light, both sinned and failed, and both leave their families to pay the price of their sin.

The most loving thing I ever heard was that my behavior was spoken to in Scripture as “sin”. I could now deal with my insanity in a sane way.

Grace forgives but it also draws boundaries. “Go and sin no more” was Jesus response to the adulterer.

I feel deeply saddened and grieved that the Edward’s family is going through what it is after John’s sin was made public but in a way, making it public is also God’s loving redemption.

I am frustrated and angry that Pres. Clinton’s sin was glossed over, glamorized, and never humbly dealt with. But when a man such as Edwards has publically admitted to his wrongdoing he is run out on the rail while Mr. Clinton is running amok.

I will continue to admire sinners who humbly accept their responsibility for their behavior.


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