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Without question, the most inspiring Summit I’ve attended. Here are a take-aways for me:

“Get the right people around the table, lock the doors and talk.” Bill Hybels

“Obsession with the mission will produce growth.” Wendy Kopp

“Spiritual leadership is the art of rallying people to stay connected to the Holy Spirit together.” John Burke

“Why is the Church the only place where segregation is OK?” Efrem Smith

“Your team or organization cannot have IT if you don’t have IT!” Craig Groeschel

“I lost IT, and I got IT back. It took a year.” Craig Groeschel

“You might say, ‘IT happens.” Craig Groeschel

“I wish we took being Christian as seriously as Marine’s take their job.” Chuck Colson

“I’ve been a Christian 35 years, and I wake up every morning excited about Jesus Christ.” Chuck Colson

“In today’s society, criminals are never forgiven. Paul, Moses, and David were all murderers and are now considered saints.” ~Catherine Rohr

“True leaders are most fulfilled when they are motivating those they lead rather than by personal acheivement.” Brad Anderson

“I will refuse God nothing.” Mother Teresa

History reminds us that the involvement of Bible-believing Christ-followers in the great social problems of our time (poverty, AIDS, education, crime and prisons) is what happens during genuine movements of the Spirit.

I’m encouraged and challenged.


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  1. I liked those quotes, too. The quote by Catherine Rohr had some real shock value to it and it made me think.

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