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The Washington Post has an article today in which the sister of John Edward’s mistress describes her sister and the treatment she has gotten:

She is a good and honest person, the sweetest and most caring woman one could ever hope to meet. Do you think it’s easy for us to just sit back and let everyone rip her to shreds and not defend her honor?

She then went on to say that her sister (the mistress) was being falsely portrayed as a “promiscuous person”.

I’m sure her sister is sweet, likeable, kind to animals, creative in her work, and fun to be with. However…

She slept with a married man; then within months, had another affair and got pregnant with another man’s baby out of wedlock.

I’m not exactly sure what this is called – other than promiscous. In fact, that’s probably a nice way to put it.

There is a word that might have been used. It sounds harsh, but in reality, it is full of hope. Why not call it … “sin?”

Sin is serious and destroys marriages.

Sin is failure to glorify God – which we were made to do.

Sin can be forgiven.

Sin is what Jesus died for.

“Sin” is what we confess.

Sin is what we should fear – and I imagine there are other leaders who live in fear of having their sin uncovered in a public forum.

God redeemed an adulterer named King David, a politician named Chuck Colson, a hateful religious leader named Saul. I hope we are praying for the redemption of John Edwards and his family.



  1. Well, Sam. Calling it what it is is quite bold!
    The most loving thing I ever heard was that my behavior was spoken to in Scripture as “sin”. I could now deal with my insanity in a sane way.

    Grace forgives but it also draws boundaries. “Go and sin no more” was Jesus response to the adulterer.

    I feel deeply saddened and grieved that the Edward’s family is going through what it is after John’s sin was made public but in a way, making it public is also God’s loving redemption.

    I am frustrated an angry that Pres. Clinton’s sin was glossed over, glamorized, and never humbly dealt with. But when a man such as Edwards has publically admitted to his wrongdoing he is run out on the rail while Mr. Clinton is running amok.

    I will continue to admire sinners who humbly accept their responsibility for their behavior.

  2. I agree what she did was sin. However, Edwards also sinned. He betrayed his wife when she needed a Godly husband most. He broke his marriage covenant. Let’s keep perspective.

    I am sorry, but I don’t see Edwards being repentant. He only admitted his wrongdoing because he was outed. Him and Clinton are alike, both took a step up to the spot light, both sinned and failed, and both leave their families to pay the price of their sin.

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