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8 Days of Hope VI will be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa during October 26th – November 2nd.

You know all the stats……1.5 BILLION dollars of damage, 4,000 homeowners still out of their houses due to the floods this past June, 90% not having any flood insurance…..

God has opened the door for us with a great host church and other churches who are eager to help.

This is for you…

If you have any experience in construction, painting, electrical, roofing, etc.

If you have a desire to serve hurting people in the name of Christ is a practical, tangible, hands-on way.

If you are like me – a klutz when it comes to being a handyman, but a willingness to be a “go-fer,” a driver, a “cleaner-upper,” a “no-skills required assistant,” a servant –

You get there on your own – meals and lodging is provided.

Count on great worship times, lots of hard work, lots and lots of laughter and smiles and friendship and camaraderie, lots of sheer joy, lots of answered prayer, and the opportunity to see God touch a homeowner who has lost everything with his love.

I’ll be there – I hope you will be, too.



    • Tim & Colette Moore
    • Posted September 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm
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    Please send us more details. We may be able to bring a small group from our church.
    Thanks and God Bless You!
    Tim & Colette Moore

  1. I am a teacher at a Christian school outside of Cedar Rapids. The teaching staff and administration here are always looking for opportunities for our 38 middle school students to serve. We’d be very interested in volunteering for one of those days. I read somewhere about a two day commitment (we could probably do a Saturday as well) and age limit, so if we were to bring our 11-14 year olds, we’d need 1 chaperone to every 3 kids, right? How can we go about signing up for a day? Thanks for your help. JoDee


    Above is the FAQ’s link to 8 Days of Hope part VI – The Cedar Rapids Adventure! Just for fun, I googled the terms 8 days of hope and numerous hits came back with links to blogs, a youtube video, etc. with personal accounts of some of the events they sponsored over the last couple of years.

    From what I understand, after several days of volunteering, you will get a lot more from it than you gave.

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