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This morning, we helped distribute rice and chicken soup, crackers, cookies and koolaid to over 100 children. The distribution took place in a “cockpit” – a cock fighting arena – in a small village about an hours drive from Bacolot City, Philippines.

It was hot, dusty, dirty – the children were thin and dirty. Some were dressed in rags. We provided the meal to the containers they provided. We sang, they sang, Chris Johns, our youth pastor, did simple magic tricks and they laughed and clapped. The smiles on their faces when food came their way was priceless.

It was the highlight of my trip.

I dipped soup while tears ran down my cheeks. You see – according to the pastor who is seeking to plant a church in this village – this may be one of the few meals some of them get this week. The kids looked like it.


That’s 4 gallons of gasoline.

One meal at Chili’s.

Not quite 3 Frappucinos.

I asked the pastor – a man of 40 years old, who has survived 5 cancer surgeries, and has one of the sweetest and gentlest spirits I’ve ever encountered, if a second feeding could take place each week if funds were provided. He assured me that it could – and would.

There are now 8 of these programs, feeding hundreds of children each week. Each costs about the same.

I know – we can’t do everything. We can’t feed everyone.

But we can do something.

When I find a high-integrity, locally-administered, finanicially-accountable program – with $0.00 overhead – that feeds so many with so little, in the name of Jesus, and is part of a church-starting strategy – COUNT ME IN!

New Creation Ministries which has a 13 year track record of ministry in the Philippines.

Send a one-year commitment to:

New Creation Mnistries

P. O. Box 612

Verona, MS 38879

If you count me as a friend and trusted brother, please consider joining me in this effort. You will see these kids in heaven – and they will thank you.

My MacBook is down and I’ll get pictures uploaded when we return to the states.



  1. Could you give us some examples of what a one year committment could do. For example options of dollar amounts to feed how many children and how often? I want let our friends here in on the opportunity.

  2. Do they have a website you can donate to, or do you have to mail it in? Id love to help

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