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Someone said the mission of the church is like an airplane – two wings are needed. Those 2 wings are evangelism and ministry.

Proclamation and demonstration.

Words of truth and deeds of mercy.

Sharing Christ’s love and showing Christ’s love.

Yesterday, we had the privilege and joy of being involved in both.

1. We distributed bags of rice, noodles and clothing to a slum area which had been impacted by Typhoon Frank several weeks ago. We saw hungry children, desperate -and grateful – mothers and fathers.

Ruthe and I spoke to and prayed for one mother of 10 children – she was dressed in her best – rags. Her children were thin and had lice. Her husband had been a fisherman and was lost at sea in the typhoon. She was literally without resources. Her church was trying to take care of her, but the resources of the church are extremely limited. It broke my heart and boggled my mind.

We prayed for a young woman of 15 years old who was dying at home of pneumonia and heart problems. The heat was intense, the room was small and crowded, and several of us wept as we prayed. What else could be done?

The church is located several hundred yards back into a slum area – and only accessible through a series of narrow alleys. Pastor Rick led us to his church, where we were able to distribute dozens of bags of rice purchased by members of Hope Church in Tupelo.

2. We presented the gospel in the slums and two schools yesterday. Literally hundreds (!) indicated that “today, for the first time, and forever, I am receiving Christ as my savior and leader.” What a joy to see the power of the gospel at work.

My heart is really turning upside-down – as I see the responsiveness of the Philipino people and the great need for workers. More than ever – we need to challenge each other to go, support each other as we go, and pray for workers. The harvest is ripe.


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  1. Sam:
    I have read with excitement about yours and Ruthe’s trip to the Philippines and what God is doing there. How incredibly awesome! and humbling to be used by Him in such a way. I have emailed Warren to check your blog for these reports. He has made 3 trips to the Phillipines with the BMA. The first time he went (his first intl trip), he was not sure why/what he was to do there other than music for the youth camp, but the 2nd and 3rd time he knew that his main mission was to encourage the pastors and missionaries. He will be excited to hear these reports. Thanks for sharing them!

    My trip to Merida with CLEAR was great! I am ready to go again – hooked on missions! I was a little envirous of the team as they left me at the Houston airport to return to Memphis. As they were headed home for a night’s rest, being in their home church, and then they were off to do more of the same the next week with great joy. Ruthe’s prayer journal that I put Merida Mexico instead of Nicarauga for our trip was truly a blessing. It was “so funny” how the scripture for the day in reflection had been so right for somethings that took place that day for someone. Thanks Ruthe!

    LInda Jackson

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