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I’ve heard the reports before – and been skeptical.

I’m at least an average missiologist.

I know the stories of evangelists preaching crusades and reporting thousands being saved – and next year, the same “thousands” are saved. I know about “rice Christians.”

We spoke in 3 high schools today – and over 800 students indicated in writing, and by standing, that “today, I received Christ”

I heard a clear gospel presentation  – wholistic, filled with integrity, Biblical theology, passion and Jesus – presented by a diesal mechanic!

I heard a clear presentation and proclamation of the gospel from a high school guidance counselor. Same passion, same refusal to use manipulation.

I did the invitation – and tried to make it hard. In the faces of some, there was clear wrestling with the decision  There were notes turned in that indicated confusion, or prior conversion. There were also notes of encouragement – from high schoolers.

What about follow-up? Local pastors and local churches are working with us, and doing fellow-up

An hour ago, we spoke at one public high school that has 335 students in a weekly Bible study – and only the teacher has a Bible! This same school has almost no textbooks – just great teachers.


One of our elders just wrote me, “Sam, look for my heart there in the islands. I left a piece of my heart there last year.”  I know how he feels

Exposure to Radical Christianity is a bracing and sobering experience.  We are tired – and energized

Pray for strength (the hours in the heat are beginning to tell on us), health, obedience to the Spirit’s instruction – and faithfulness. Satan hates what is happening – and your prayers make a difference


PS. Still working on pictures



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  1. Pastor Sam!
    I love hearing your heart in your post! Thanks for keeping us updated on the trip and what the Holy Spirit is doing there! You are in my prayers, as He prompts! Have a great time in doing His work!

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