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Ruthe and I are in the Philippines, along with 8 others from Hope Church – doing evangelism, pastors-training, disaster relief. We are staying in the home of Pete and Hazel Merced.

Pete is a colonel in the Philippine National Police. HE was known as “the killer.” His anger and violence was legendary. HIs last name, Merced, means mercy, but he had no mercy on anyone.

Then, he met Jesus. This angry, violent man was reduced to tears and humility and repentance.

Today, he is months from retirement. At a banquet given in his honor, he said, “you know what I was like. You know me. The only explanation for the complete life-change is Jesus Christ.”


MOre later


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  1. Sam, We were going to visit you this week-end, but the Phillipines is a little far to go! I love your blog, and especially the comment about changed lives! We would someday love to join you on a missions trip! Thanks so much for your ministry to us, and your church family, and we’ll look forward to seeing you when you’re back in town! You truly have a heart to serve God, and we appreciate you, Ruthe, and your family so much! God bless, and we’ll be upholding you and your team up before the Throne! Take care! Dan

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