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Preached in prison to about 200 – over 50 indicated first-time faith in Christ

Saw the power of testimonies at 2 drug rehab centers – at one center, 21 of 22 indicated faith in Christ

Broke up a physical fight between 2 women who were waiting to see a doctor

Experienced the beauty of team unity as 25 believers worked in harmony 

Saw an American shine the scuffed shoes of a shoe-shine man in a city park. A crowd was attracted to this strange sight, and the gospel was preached

Distributed 100s of gospel booklets

Heard a prophetic message in tongue, interpreted by 2 believers – first, into Spanish, then into English

Pulled hundreds of bad teeth, giving relief to hundreds of people

Saw immediate answers to prayers for equipment, help, wisdom, healing.

Learned several beautiful new worship songs in Spanish

Heard the stories of the power of God in the lives of a dozen Nicaraguan believers

Saw an active volcano

Entered a dungeon and torture chamber used by the Sandinistas. Saw the following scratched into the walls by former prisoners: “Quiero morir” (I want to die) and “Cristo vive” (Jesus is alive). Despair and faith – what a contrast.

Worked among former Contras – who live in huts fabricated from plastic and sticks. Dirt poor, yet rich in faith.

Almost was bitten by a poisonous snake

Held a pinata party for 400 children – I don’t recommend it!!

Thanks so much for your prayers for us!





  1. Gloria a Dios !

  2. Wow that really sounds like an incredible and blessed trip (in a nutshell).

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