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Today, I walked into a convenience store to get a cup of coffee before heading to worship. As I poured, I noticed the name, “Brittani”, tattooed on the neck of the young lady beside me.

“Is your name Brittani?’ I asked.”

“That is my daughter’s name.”

“What will you do when you have other children?”

“I have 4. One’s name is tattooed here (her thigh), one is here (her upper chest) and I haven’t decided about the baby’s location.”

“How many children do you plan to have?”

“A few more.”

“Is your husband’s name tattooed on your body?”

Silence – she walked off. “Wrong question,” I thought.

I have no tattoos, yet – I’ll wait till retirement. But I have four names written on my heart and mind and lips. Every day, I call their names in prayer. I fast for them, dream about them, talk about them, brag about them, weep for them.

Sarah, Corrie, Joey, Charlie.

After Jesus and Ruthe, they are my greatest joy. They are awesome individuals: interesting, intelligent, warm, gifted, humorous, Christ-followers.

I wish I were a better dad, but I could not wish for better children!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


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