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I was challenged and excited this morning by the fragment of a single verse:
“Seven times a day I praise you….” Psalm 119:164

How did he do that?

Can I do that?

Perhaps I can find a watch with a timer, to set to remind me to stop seven times a day and give thanks.

Or, perhaps I can take advantage of natural breaks during the day:

1. When I wake up

2. When I leave for work

3. Mid-morning

4. Lunch time

5. Mid-afternoon

6. When I eat dinner

7. When I go to bed

Or, perhaps I can tie praise to events/activities/functions of the day:

1. When I wake up – train my first thoughts to be of praise

2. When I eat during the day – that might help me praise more than seven times a day!

3. When I work out – that would make it praise for health and energy

4. Every time I call my wife or receive a call from her – numerous times during the day – she alone is sufficient for me to say, “how good God has been to me!”

5. Whenever I go to the bathroom – lots to give thanks for!

6. Whenever I fill the car with gas – giving thanks might break the complaints about gas prices

7. With each cup of coffee, I could/will give thanks –

8. When I think of my children and grandchildren – Oh, how good God has been to me!

9. When I pay bills – opportunity to praise my Provider

10. Just before or after every meeting I have with anyone – lots of opportunity to give thanks.

11. When I check my email – so many friends for whom to give thanks.

12. When I go to bed – train my last thoughts to be of Him.

OK, I’m going to try it – seven times a day, I will praise Him.


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