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Tomorrow is Sunday – and it is Mother’s Day – and it is Pentecost. 

TOMORROW IS A DAY OF WORSHIP – as David Foster put it,

Tomorrow is Sunday, a day of worship. It’s an opportunity to gather with other broken, bruised, bored, and burnt-out people to find the encouragement of hope that comes from the reality of Jesus Christ; the love and the life that He offers. It’s a time to bow before God and submit, to pledge my allegiance, to have someone to whom to be thankful for all of the blessings I enjoy every single day.

It’s a sacred moment and a sacred day; a day that you need to pick back up and elevate to its place of sacredness because you need it. You need to be recharged and renewed, and the only way to do that is to gather with other people to worship God. It almost never happens alone 


Tomorrow, we honor the women who were God’s instruments to give us life and shape our lives. We will honor mothers who sacrifice themselves in order that their children might grow and flourish. We will honor one of God’s best models of love and sacrifice.

I honor my mother, Rita Shaw: daughter of a share-cropper, 8th of 10 children, now 82 years young. She prayed for me, encouraged me, listened to me, and is a model of “hoping in God.”

I honor my wife, Ruthe Shaw: oldest of 2, companion, friend, lover, prayer-partner, ministry-partner, mother of four, grandmother of four, amazing wife.

I know no one who has suffered more than my wife.

*She was raised in a family marked by mental illness, physical handicaps, poverty and abuse of all kinds. Yet, she finished college, became a teacher, missionary, chaplain and caregiver.

*She was severely injured in an automobile accident in the Dominican Republic. Multiple surgeries and physical therapy (buoyed by God’s grace) have enabled her to walk and work, but she still endures daily physical pain.

*In a moment of temporary insanity, she said yes to my marriage proposal, and has been my ministry partner for almost 36 years. There is a special reward in heaven for pastors’ wives! She is the best Christ-follower I know.

I honor my daughters, Sarah Owen and Corrie Peak: young mothers of small children, faithful wives, amazing women who mean the world to me.


I’ll write another blog on this.

So… tomorrow is a special day.

David Foster says it well:

If, for some reason, your memories of your parents aren’t good, tomorrow you can start making good memories, better memories. It’s all up to you.

Tomorrow can be just another sad workday, a day to be depressed, overeat, sit around, and be isolated. Or it can be the day you get up, get out, and gather with other people who believe that life is to be lived to its maximum and it is indeed good.


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