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Today, at 11:00, our granddaughter, Eloise Owen, went into surgery. She was reluctant, and Sarah was shaken.

90 minutes later, the doctors were relaying the information that they could find no problem – her blood vessels seemed to be fine and there was nothing they needed to do. Apparently, she will be a little blue until her surgery next year.

Perhaps the tests results were misread. Perhaps the Father performed a miracle. Whatever… we’re grateful.

Thanks so very much for praying. We are massively relieved, very grateful for praying friends, and for the two years of life this little girl has had.

Now, she is home, terrorizing her brothers and, though still blue from restricted oxygen, she will be ok.



  1. What a relief it is to see this beautiful little girl smiling and eating a cracker so soon after today’s surgery. How delightful it is to know that she is already back at home terrorizing her brothers. Praise be to God for continuing to answer our prayers every time there is a crisis in Eloise’s life.

  2. Thanks be to God!

  3. Praise the Lord. She is absolutely beautiful. Chad and I will continue praying for complete healing over Eloise!

  4. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!!! Sending love to this precious little girl and all her family.

  5. Praise God, The all knowing and all loving., and all caring.

    Eloise is one of the most beautiful babie ,blue or other wise I have ever seen.
    I continue to pray and ask God for his will and for comfort and healing for all.
    Thank you for sharing you pictures, you are blessed with a beautiful family all the way around.

  6. Great news…..she is so cute. God bless

  7. Praise to the Father for precious Eloise! The power of prayer is Awesome! Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.

  8. Thank you, God!

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