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Just a reminder that today, Thursday May 1st, 2008 is ascension day. 40 days after Easter, Jesus ascended into heaven. What does that mean?

It means:

1. He died for us.
2. He rose from the dead, demonstrating the Father had accepted his sacrifice for us.
3. His new life means victory over death – His, and ours
4. He is now at the right hand of heaven, interceding for us.
5. He is coming again.

My friend Bob Leach says it well:

In that hour; no, in that millisecond we will have our questions answered, our fears calmed, our desires fulfilled and our tears wiped away forever! And we will be totally free from pain, sickness, sorrow, death, Satan and even the very presence of sin itself. And the cares of this life will simply fade away as if they never existed.

So as we think of this day and what it represents… Let’s thank Him for the victory we have in Him. Let’s thank Him that He did ascend to heaven. But let’s thank Him most of all that He is coming back one day for you and me! The human mind cannot fathom the joy, freedom and happiness we will have when that day comes. And today could be the day! We don’t have the mental capacity to even imagine what heaven will be like. But one thing I know; my Savior will be there with me. And that in itself is heaven. Everything else is just ‘icing on the cake!’

You guys have a blessed day,


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