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This morning, at the Exponiental Church Conference, Tim Keller spoke on the subject of revival.

He mentioned three instruments the Spirit uses to bring revival:

1. Recovery of the difference between the gospel and religion (Religion: “I obey God in order to be accepted.” The gospel: “I am accepted, and therefore, obey.”)

2. Extraordinary prayer

3. Radical creativity. (Every revival is unique. C. S. Lewis said, “You never get back into Narnia the same way twice.” )

Tim mentioned three aspects of revival we have no control over:

1. Nominal church members are converted.

2. Sleepy Christians are awakened to the love of God

3. Non-believers are attracted.

He closed with four results of revival:

1. A looney fringe emerges (I know what that looks like!)

2. There is a backlash inside the church – leaders are threatened by the growth (been there, done that, have the t-shirt)

3. Lots of new churches are planted

4. Real social healing takes place.

Hearing Tim address revival only deepened my desire to pray, work, and expect another great move of the Spirit.


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