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1. There is never a “good time” to plant a church – just as there is never a good time to begin to have children.

2. The DNA of a church: Divine truth, Nurturing relationships, Apostolic mission.

3. What we celebrate, we become.

4. Church planting is the extreme sports of ministry.

5. How to make vision stick (Andy Stanley)
State it simply
Cast it convincingly (What it the problem your vision will fix?)
Repeat it regularly
Celebrate it systematically – find someone living out the vision and hold them up as an example
Embrace it personally

6. Most places in the United States do not need another church. They need a place to bring unchurched friends.

7. The power of a short, simple mission is incredible. Andy asked, “what is the vision of Barak Obama?” The 2500 attending, in one voice, said, “change.” When asked the vision of Hillary or McCain, there was a cacophony of sound, smiles, laughter. The point was proven.

Bono’s mission to end poverty has a simple vision – “make poverty history.” Doesn’t say it all, but it is memorable.

8. What became obvious to me: the need to SIMPLIFY and MULTIPLY and EDIFY (make disciples)


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