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I’m attending the National New Church Conference in Orlando this week. Weather is gorgeous, FBC, Orlando is impressive and friendly, and I’m running into some old friends.

Today, in the first conference on the nuts and bolts of church planting, as I listened and took notes, I jotted these questions down in my notebook:

1. How can a local church be the hands of Jesus and serve the community?

2. What 25 things to serve the community are on our church calendar? (This question is not only convicting – it is motivating!)

3. Who is trying to reach lost people in our community?

4. Why did Southern Baptist churches grow faster than anyone else between 1950-1990? (Everything at every level was done for one purpose – evangelism. Sunday School was not for Bible study or fellowship – it was for evangelism)

5. How is starting a church like building a house? (There are between 400-800 different decisions that must be made, in a particular order)

6. Could I launch a church this weekend? (yes, if I had $1,000,000 given to me for the plant).

7. How did Nehemiah build a wall 1 1/2 miles long and 3 stories tall – in 52 days? (The entire wall was built at once – families built the part of the wall in front of their home. He delegated.)

8. Is it better to launch a church by pouring energy into a great worship service or into developing small groups? (Both are legitimate strategies with many success stories to tell)

9. What is the fatal flaw in Simple Church – in other words, why is it not enough to love God, love people and serve the world? (What is missing is developing leaders)

10. All other things being equal, is it true that the more money spent before the launch, the larger the church? (according to studies of hundreds of new churches, the answer seems to be yes).


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  1. I’m not sure what to think about numbers 9 and 10. They seem good and bad at the same time.

    With 9, wouldn’t a body that is really implementing Love God, Love People, Serve the World be naturally creating developing leaders? That’s how it seems that it should happen. I don’t know! Maybe you have to make that one of the major points. I don’t know!

    With 10, I just don’t want to believe that such a thing is defined by money. Money?! So, you can be a totally God-centered, people-loving, grace-filled community that is impacting your area and the world, yet if another church somewhere else has more money before starting, it will grow larger? That seems wrong. Mark Driscoll’s church, Rick Warren’s church, the chinese underground church, the original church in Acts, etc. all seem to start from very, very humble financial positions. I have serious issues thinking that more money means more growth. I don’t know, though!

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