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Tupelo is being invaded by about 300 volunteers from over 20 states. They have come our way with one objective – to serve, to love, to bless, to give of themselves.

They – and we – are…

Living, eating, sleeping, and worshipping at Hope Church

Repairing houses all over Tupelo – roofs, flooring, rewiring electricity, painting, lawn work, cleaning, sheet-rocking, remodeling, etc.

Dry-walling a 16,000 sq foot building that will be used by Global Outreach (a missions-sending organization at work in 35 countries and headquartered in Tupelo)

Painting and repairing the facility belonging to American Family Association and American Family Radio (both headquartered in Tupelo)

Repairing automobiles belonging to single moms.

Thanks to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief folks for cooking meals – with a smile.

Thanks to the church I serve, Hope Church, for providing a place to sleep, shower, eat and worship.

Thanks to the leaders of 8DOH for setting the pace in serving with joy.


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