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A Sudanese Christian boy has his knees and feet nailed to a board and he is left to die. When rescued he says he forgives the man who did this because Jesus was also nailed and forgave him.

A Vietnamese pastor is sentenced to two years in prison. When he is offered an early release, he declines stating that he has a group of new Believers in the prison he has to disciple.

A Colombian missionary is kidnapped and told she only has two hours to live. She tells her captors that if she only has two hours to live, she wants to spend it telling them about Jesus.

The persecution of Christians around the world is a tragic reality. Our brothers and sisters are beaten and tortured simply for their faith in Jesus Christ. And some pay with the ultimate price. However, in the midst of this persecution is some of the courageous stories of faith you will ever read.

I’ve received Voice of the Martyrs magazine for a number of years. It is accurate, inspiring, and serves to wake me out of the slumber of mediocre American Christianity.

I encourage you learn about today’s persecuted church, and discover practical ways you can help, with a FREE subscription to The Voice of the Martyrs monthly newsletter.

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