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The main problem with Jeremiah Wright isn’t that he’s anti-American.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ has lit up the radio and television airwaves with his youtubed comments on conspiracy theories regarding American “state-sponsored terrorism.” Almost everyone this week has seen Wright call on God to damn America. Almost everyone has heard his echo of Malcolm X, that the September 11 terrorist attacks on the nation were simply America’s “chickens coming home to roost.”

Wright’s comments make for easy discussion fodder because they are shocking, angry, and, frankly, well on the way to delusional. Some of the talking heads have discussed Jeremiah Wright as though his kind of rhetoric is essential to the African-American church, a claim that is patently untrue, and easily verifiable as such. At the same time, many of the pundits seem to assume that Jeremiah Wright’s style of ministry is unique in America’s pulpits. Truth is, Jeremiah Wright’s name is Legion, and one is just as likely to hear his kind of preaching in a white congregation as in a black church.

Wright, after all, is not simply making this stuff up. What he is preaching is a form of liberation theology, leftover Marxist theory baptized in the narrative of Scripture and applied to a set of political goals. The tenor of the Trinity United Church of Christ ministry is one that is defined by race and politics. The church is “unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian,” it says, and the language of black liberation theology is everywhere in the public presentation of the mission and identity of the church.

What is disturbing to me is that too many Christians have been diagnosing the particular political aims of Reverend Wright and his church as though this were the preeminent problem.

But what is the root?

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