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Sadie is here! Click on the picture to maximize.




  1. Congratulations to all of you. She is a beauty.

  2. What a treat it is to see these beautiful pictures this morning! Everyone looks so happy and healthy. Thank you for sharing your precious new granddaughter with us–please post new photos often so we can all enjoy watching this little angel grow.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of your beautiful little lady, Sadie. I’ve enjoyed them even more here on your blog than I did at church because here I can look at them as long as I want. GRIN Some of us women are addicted to babies, you know.

    Good posting, Pastor – Your Grandaddy license is officially renewed and ineffect – use it well!

    Blessings to all – praying especially for Corrie as she recovers from surgery.

  4. Sadie is GORGEOUS! I never get tired of looking at little babies. They are such a blessing. Know that Chad and I are praying for your whole family!

    We love you and Ruthe so much. Thank you for being such great friends, encouragers and mentors to us. You will never know how much we appreciate you.

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