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The following is from Life Action Revival Ministries.     

One problem I didn’t anticipate facing when I moved north was rust. I have now discovered that harsh weather, snow and slush, salt and chemicals, and road grime take their toll on automobiles. This means that part of my regular car maintenance is rust-proofing.

Nicks and chips must be painted. The undercarriage of the car needs to be washed regularly, and other corrosion-prevention measures must be taken. The fact is, the only way to drive a rust-free car in the slushy north is to pursue car protection with intention and discipline.

The same could be said about living a lust-free life in our sex-saturated culture. Paul’s Ephesian readers lived in such a society. Ephesus was the home of the fertility cult which worshiped Diana (or Artemis), the multi-breasted goddess of fertility. Some scholars believe that part of worshiping Artemis actually involved sexual orgies and copulating with temple prostitutes.

Even outside of the fertility cults, sexual ethics were very low in the ancient world. While there were fairly high expectations for women, men regularly engaged in extramarital sex, which was socially acceptable.

Demosthenes wrote, “Mistresses we keep for the sake of pleasure, concubines for the daily care of our persons, but wives to bear us legitimate children and to be faithful guardians of our households.”

Ephesus was not much different from America today. According to the Barna Research Group:

60% of Americans believe that cohabitation is morally acceptable;

59% believe that sexual fantasies are morally acceptable;

42% believe having a sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex other than their spouse is okay; and

about one-third of the population gave the stamp of approval to pornography (38%) . . . and homosexual sex (30%).

Other research shows that more than 25 million people visit porn sites every week, and one out of every ten websites is dedicated to explicit sex.

Putting all those things aside, our society is still saturated with sex. With Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, beer commercials, sitcom television, and immodest dress standards, we are barraged daily with sexual images and temptations.

And it eats away at the human heart. The following poem, written by a young college student, expresses well the deadly allure of sexual temptation: 

For the poem, source of statistics, and the rest of the article… 


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