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There was an important development in Egypt yesterday that most Westerners will never hear about on the mainstream news (between Brittany going to the hospital and the election coverage): Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled that 12 Christian converts to Islam may “re-convert” back to Christianity and that this should be reflected on their national ID card (though, unfortunately, their previous conversion to Islam, the court said, should also be noted). For the Human Rights Watch response see here, for the general news brief see here.

This is important for the sake of human rights in Egypt for Christians and other non-Muslims (such as the 2,000 or so Bahá’ís). There are about 500 or so former Christian converts to Islam that have reconverted back to Christianity.While much has been written on human rights in Egypt, very little reform has actually been achieved over the twentieth century in terms of sustained religious freedom. In fact, over the past two years specifically, religious tensions are increasing. These tensions have not only to do with the traditional struggle between the Copts and the Muslims. Unprecedented news and debate within Egypt has occurred over two tiny aberrant religious groups, namely, Egyptian Bahá’í s and former Christian converts to Islam who are seeking to convert back to Christianity. Both Bahá’í s and reconverts to Christianity have been classified as “apostates”and denied fundamental citizenship rights.    For more, read here.  MY DEL.ICIO.US FAVORITES… If you are interested in all things about Islam, Christian-Muslim Relations, Christian responses to Islam, Islamic responses to Christianity, and/or demography as it pertains to Acts 17:26-27, I encourage you to review my favorites. You will find hundreds of articles, websites, etc. on the above.You can also view my most recent bookmarks on the right hand side of this blog.I update my page everyday and many days profusely. You might find it something to keep up with to help you speed read the internet on the topics mentioned above.Also, if you have page, I’d love to know about it to link to mine! I love reading other’s favorites!Check out Joey’s blog


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