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“So, what do you do on your day off, Pastor Sam?” 

You really want to know?

After an early morning personal time with the Lord, I met with my accountability group at 6:30am, and continued to learn to be painfully honest with other men. After breakfast at home, Ruthe and I drove to Memphis. Enroute, I handled a number of phone calls with several people who will be helping to lead worship Sunday at Hope, a brother who owns the Mississippi Mudcats Football Team, and another brother – a charter member of Hope – who is doing some research for me. It was a fast trip.

I had lunch with Ken Easley (Director of MCS program, Union University) and Mike Shea (Representative with Global Hope). These two guys have been my dear friends and confidants for about years, and we spent several hours catching up today.

Ken described the massive destruction at Union University and the miracle that no one was killed. Ken, who is also the interim pastor at Union Avenue Baptist Church, in Memphis, shared his enjoyment of preaching and loving the saints in a local church.

Mike spoke of the “joys” of raising support, and the effect of the economy on work like his.

I told them of the sudden and unexpected resignation of our church’s worship pastor, and the disappointment and confusion felt at Hope Church. We also talked about what a move of God looks like, how we discern God’s direction in our lives, and how we are healing from the craziness of the last few years in an un-named church in the Memphis area.

Ruthe had lunch with our son, Charlie, who is currently working 3 jobs – Starbucks, selling guitars at Martin Music and TLC on the weekends. I missed Charlie, but found Ruthe and Corrie at Marshalls, shopping for baby clothes. I surprised them in the store by sneaking up behind them and shouting, “How are two of the four most beautiful women in the world?” (Sarah and Krystal – you were not forgotten!) As you can imagine, heads turned and I got a mild rebuke for creating a scene!

As we walked out the door, we literally bumped into Susan Land and Patty Thompson. Susan is a wonderful wife, mother and vocalist and has just been cleared of cancer. Patty was my assistant for several years, and one of the most diligent people I know. We stood and laughed and caught up on news with each other.

Then, on to Corrie’s new house in Memphis. Nathan, her husband, is literally tearing it apart and putting it back together again. It will look great when finished.

After goodbyes, Ruthe and I turned the car south and east, and arrived home – fighting sleep, answering the phone, and making arrangements to take care of Sarah’s children next weekend.

After a meal from one of Tupelo’s finest culinary establishments (Sonic), we now look forward to an evening together.Maybe boring for some, but for me, a good day.



  1. I think an adventure a day is a good thing, and I think you’ve got it down.


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