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Shad Williams is a friend – itinerant evangelist, prayer-warrior, faithful missionary. His ministry is based on “going to them,” wherever people are.

Here is his latest update on Kenya

Regarding the Kenya crisis, things are still very unstable in the country. Over 800 people have died, over 300,000 people have been displaced and many have fled the country. Thousands of homes have been burned and thousands of children have been left orphaned.

I have talked with Pastor Ben Bahati by phone every day since this all began on December 27 and the scenes he has described to me are just unbelievable. As you know His wife, Mary, and their 3 daughters are now safe in the USA, but Ben remained behind to oversee the ministry and to do all he can to aid the afflicted as well as win people to Jesus in the midst of crisis and chaos. His has truly become the voice of hope throughout the country – on radio, television and in very risky open-air Gospel meetings which are being held in the hardest hit war-torn areas where the smoke is still rising from hundreds of burned out homes.

For the past 10 days Ben has been conducting large festival type open-air meetings in Eldoret, one of the hardest hit cities. Thousands have gathered to hear the Good News and thousands have been saved. Also, Ben is distributing thousands of New Testaments to those who are being saved. In one meeting a couple of days ago he told the crowd, “You came here with spears, arrows, rocks and other weapons, but I am going to give you a better weapon, the Sword of the Spirit – the Word of God”. The crowd cheered and received the Word gladly.

Dear friends, please continue to pray for these efforts. Ben and the team are risking their lives daily in order to preach Jesus and deliver the hope of the Gospel to those who are need it so badly. Ben told me yesterday, “On my way to the field to preach where houses were still burning, I was hit with a spirit of fear. So I had to just pray. I had to leave Ben Bahati standing there and let Jesus go to the meeting to preach.” What a powerful statement from a humble, yet bold servant of God. Please pray for God`s protection for Ben and the team.

Also please pray for God`s provision in regard to the needs connected to these meetings, to helping those who are destitute, and to buying Bibles to distribute to thousands hungry for the Word of God. Sheila and I are doing all we can, but it is requiring thousands of dollars each week to keep it all going. Pray that God will provide over and beyond what we normally need to get through each week so that we can keep the message going out.


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