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The most important issue facing  the church in 2008?” 

Having already suggested a renewed passion for world missions and the support of the growing church in the developing world, I would also like to consider the situation here at home.  I believe that one of the most pressing needs is for evangelical Christians to respond to our staggering failure to lead our children into a saving discipleship with Jesus Christ.  Both statistics and experience reveal that an appallingly low number of “Christian” youth are transitioning into adulthood with a living faith. 

I would suggest that the main causes of this are…

1) the way so many Christians live compartmentalized lives, with Christian discipleship relegated to Sunday mornings only, so that their children are turned off by the obvious lack of authenticity in their parents’ faith;

2) the superficial approach to everything, but especially youth ministry, in evangelical churches today;

3) parents’ failure to personally disciple their children in the faith. 

Given this dire situation and its alarming sources, I suggest that a need of vital urgency among Christians is for believing parents to recommit to a hands-on approach to the Christian nurture of their children.  The most significant way to address this is by a renewed commitment to family worship in the home.

From Rick Phillips’s blog



  1. What a powerful post! Thank you!


  2. Pastor Sam,

    Great post. It’s good to keep up with you through the blog. The church is indeed in need of a paradigm shift away from age-segregation to multigenerational ministries. Love to see a post of you interacting with Voddie Baucham’s new book Family Driven-Faith and his sermon “The Centrality of the Home.” (It can be found as a podcast at Also, what are some ideas that you have about how youth ministers can help their ministries reengage parents into being the chief “discipler” of their kids. I know from recent experience that because many parents see that as the youth minister’s job, that it can be very difficult for a youth minister to actually lead out in this area.



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