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Two years ago, I met Barak Obama, shook his hand and chatted with him about 15 seconds. From a distance of 10 feet, I listened to him give a spell-binding speech on the role of faith in the public square. My impression – Mr. Obama is charismatic in personality, a wonderful orator, a spiritual man, intelligent and personally warm.

He is also dead-wrong (words chosen carefully) about one of the most important and pressing social ills of our time.

He may be the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever.He is so pro-abortion he refused as an Illinois state senator to support legislation to protect babies who survived late-term abortions because he did not want to concede — as he explained in a speech on the Illinois Senate floor — that these babies, fully outside their mothers’ wombs, with their hearts beating and lungs heaving, were in fact “persons.”Persons,” of course, are guaranteed equal protection of the law under the 14th Amendment


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  1. I totally agree with your wording, “He is also dead wrong”… I know that I might see things from a different perspective with me being a Labor and Delivery nurse but how anyone can not see a fetus as a real live, heart beating human right at conception just baffles me. Maybe Barak should observe a delivery of a pre-term baby who struggles to breathe on it’s own and the parents are worried sick they might have to plan an unexpected funeral. Maybe Barak should be there when we have to tell a family we can’t find a heartbeat for their 20 week old baby that the mom has felt MOVING for several weeks and that most likely already has a name. Maybe Barak should observe a Dilation and Curettage for a woman who miscarried at only 4 weeks and where you can physically see every facial and body feature clearly after it’s extracted. Maybe then would he grow a heart for these lives that our formed at the very second of conception.

    A great website to go to is It tells you everything you need to know about a fetus and how it develops. It’s especially interesting to know that right at conception your baby’s sex is determined. And by week 5 you can hear audibly by ultrasound the heartbeat. The heart, nervous system and circulatory system is formed well before then. The thought of conception to birth is baffling to me, even though I see it all the time in the hospital. How is it possible? How is possible for me as woman to be able to carry and grow a human inside of me? It’s only God. There is no denying that when you witness an ultrasound and especially a birth.

    I guess it just angers me to think that someone could be that dense to think of life so flippantly. I pray that something will happen in his life to change his mind and his liberal view on this subject. Life is too precious to be taken so lightly, especially when it comes to children. They have a whole life ahead of them. Who am I to play God?

  2. I support Obama for the most part, though I do disagree with some of this stances.

    This is one of those stances that he is really kind of sketchy on. But he makes a good point in other speeches. If we want abortion to end, making it illegal is not the best way. What will change things is if we give real alternative options to abortion and support and care for the mothers as they go through this difficult time.

    In the church, this means that we actually act like the church and serve.

    In politics, this means supporting more liberal views, for conservatives thus far have done nothing but argue why it should be outlawed instead of trying to solve the problem in other ways.

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