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I’ve asked for prayer for several people over the last few days.

Our son Joey and his team arrived in Turkey. They have met with several businessmen – and with a number of brothers – and things are looking promising. They are doing much praying and observing. Today, they take a side trip to Ephesus (yes, that Ephesus).

Thanks for continuing to pray for their safety, effectiveness and spiritual discernment.

I’ve also asked prayer for our friends, Alan and Pam, who were in the epicenter of the conflict in Kenya.

They were able to get to Nairobi – a minor miracle! They are waiting for a flight to bring them back to the US. Please continue to pray for them, the church and friends they leave, the orphanage they began – and which continues under African leadership – and for a resolution of the violence in Kenya.

Finally, please pray for me, as I begin a new message series called, Seeking the Face of God. The Bible is clear about what quenches the Spirit, what grieves the Spirit and what obstructs the movement of the Spirit. Please pray that our God will be pleased to use his word in this series to produce repentance and faith – and to launch the revival that has been prophesied and for which we long!



  1. dad, you m ight want to check out Fellowship’s series that we just ended called “Face to Face with Jesus” online. It sounds like what you are entering into. It might be a good resource for you

  2. Thanks for the update……prayers sent. Repentance and faith……so refreshing to hear that being said. Hard to find in alot of churches today

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