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I’ve been posting several paragraphs from urgent prayer notes from missionary friends in Kenya. Please allow these urgent prayer-notes to motivate you to prayer.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and contacts! We and the kids are safe at the moment. I did just receive a phone call from our pastor’s wife. She is from the Kikuyu tribe…the targets of so much violence. She was sobbing in fear and desperation, and she said she has never been so scared in all of her life. Please pray for her!

I was able to go into town today and buy a 120 lb. bag of rice for the children’s home. We have not been able to find an open “posho mill” to have our two sacks of corn ground into meal, so we are cooking the corn with beans to feed the kids. We heard a rumor that our neighborhood was going to be the target of house burning tonight. The properties owned by Kikuyus are the targeted homes. Our house is owned by a Kalenjin…the tribe of the predominate trouble makers in this area, so our house will not likely be targeted, but pray anyway. There are a few Kikuyus taking refuge on our compound, and we have taken in 10 displaced children…a few of whom are Kikuyu.

We continue to consider if, when and how we should leave. Right now, there are 15 roadblocks of thugs between us and the airport. The road to Nairobi is very unsafe and the road to neighoring Uganda is even more unsafe, so we are praying for wisdom from the Lord to know what we should do.

I know all of the above sounds very frightening, and it is, but we are personally safe and secure at the moment. Some surrounding neighborhoods are not so safe. The slum areas are in bad shape. A Kikuyu friend told us today that she sneaked into the slum where her house is, and found corpses strewn all over the place, and dogs and pigs were feeding on them.

Please pray for the political leaders of Kenya to set aside their greedy ambition, and consider the plight of their country. The leaders are …denying to the international community the realities of the atrocities.

There is division among the police and the military along tribal lines, so no one can be trusted to offer security.


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